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Planting Flowers can deter pests. Flowers such as marigolds and nasturtiums both have properties that help to deter slugs, beetles, and flies from ruining your gardens and being a food source that attracts other pests to the property.
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Customer Testimonials

My home loan experience was an absolute nightmare! I made the mistake of going to a big company with a system that was extremely complex, inflexible, and impersonal. The people at the big company didn’t communicate with each other well, and certainly didn’t with me. My loan officer didn’t understand her own company’s requirements and didn’t understand my personal situation. I explained the same details over and over and provided the same documents numerous times as well. Her advice was so far off-base that I sometimes wondered if it was fraudulent. At one point she told me the loan had been approved and we just needed a couple more documents to close, so I rented the house for a month to keep the sellers from accepting another offer and moved in.  A few days later she called and said it hadn’t been approved after all. I was three days from being homeless. I finally took my realtor’s advice, pulled my file from the loan officer at the big company, and took it to Jim Carroll. Two weeks later the loan closed, and now I’m a happy homeowner. With Jim Carroll, I always felt like somebody was listening to me. Thanks again!

Lana Hallmark

Thank you very much.  Closing went good.  It actually didn't take too long.  Thank you for all that you and Jim did to make this home buying experience as enjoyable as possible.  I know with my credit history it took a little work.  I do appreciate all that y'all did for me.  I will recommend your company.

J. Loeschner

Thank you for all of your efforts  getting my family in our home!  I am eternally grateful for the efforts and guidance from you two and the work of your entire team.  We can’t wait to get settled in and begin this new chapter in our lives.  I will make referrals to you all at every opportunity that presents itself.  Again, I can’t thank you all enough for the  kindness, patience and understanding through the sometimes stressful process. 

J. Fawcett

I'm so thankful we had her on our side
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